Stock photo libraries

Stock Photo Libraries

There are many different places where you can find stock photography. There are some sites that offer free stock photography, however, it is very important to fully understand the terms and conditions associated with those free images. We actually prefer to use paid stock photography. 

  • For general information about selecting and preparing images, take a look at our post with tips on preparing images for your website
  • For a great resource on finding and using stock images, view this post from our friends at Elegant Themes. 
  • Pexels is a great site that aggregates photos from other free stock photo libraries and even has a search that allows you to find photos by color in order to stay “on brand”. 
  • If you wish to use free stock photography, please send us the images that you select. Make certain that you are familiar with and are in compliance with the terms of those images. 
  • We prefer using paid stock photography to make sure that we have a full right of use.
  • Our preferred website is We have an account and can purchase the images for you and simply add the cost of the images to your next monthly bill. 
  • With the exception of videos and extended licenses, the cost for stock photos is $5 per image and there is no minimum purchase.

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