Size and Composition of Images

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For general information about selecting images, take a look at our post with tips on preparing images for your website.

Size and Composition of Images

The size of an image is important. It is always better to have an image that is too large than too small. We can resize images down, but when you take the image size up, it makes it grainy and it loses quality. 


  1. For images that will be used as backgrounds or that will span the full width of the site, it is important to get images that are at least 1920 px wide. 
  2. For images that will be used inside of pages and not as a full-page image, then you can get images that are 640 or 960 px wide. 


  1. It is important to select images that can be used in the space that you have available. One of the most common problems that arise is when you try and take an image that is portrait and put it into a space meant for a landscape image. Look at the shape of the space and make sure the images match. 
  2. Another thing to look for is an image with room to crop. Because different areas on a website may need a very specific size, sometimes it is necessary to crop the images. When you choose an image that is zoomed out, then you have room to crop. When you choose an image where the subject fills the frame, it makes it very hard to crop the images. 

See example:

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Sharing Images from Your Favorites

Summary: You can share your favorites with us and then we can make the purchase for you. 

  1. Click your account name and then click “favorites”

  1. Select which folder you want to share and then click the share folder icon. 

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